Birds in Flight: 2 weeks at Minds in Motion Camp

This is Sojo.

Hi. These last 2 weeks I have been at Minds in Motion Summer Camp (making a dance performance with rising 5th and 6th graders with the Richmond Ballet). It is totally good for your child.This year the theme was Birds. It was so AMAZING! The performance was Friday.

There was a big surprise. It was all of our different costumes. We wore three different ones during the show. First, we wore our Minds in Motion T-shirts, over our painted Bird shirts, and then we had on a poncho with feathers. The poncho was for the opening, then we took it off. We used claves, rhythm sticks me made to sound like a woodpecker for the woodpecker dance. Then we did the Blue Heron dance. We also did a fun Robin dance to Rockin' Robin with some from the audience.We took off the Bird shirts for the finale.

I really liked both weeks of camp. I got to meet new people, do fun things, and learn fun things. I really liked wrapping it all together like a big performance burrito. Each layer made the others better. But they all tasted good together.


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