Big Jones

HI! I'm Sojo  Higgins.This is my fist time on a blog, so.. lets  gets started! 

Saturday we went to see '' Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark'' on the big screen for the first time😆😊𝅵😇😈💥👻! 

Of course I've seen I. Jones, just not  the 😇 [angel] of 💀[death] scene because dad made me cover my eyes. We got seats on the front row . 

Sssoo.. that means THE 😇 OF💀SCENE WAS IN OUR FACE! That was sweet 💥😈👻😃. If I have only 4 words to explain the scene i'd say: Ghostbusters on a island. After  the movie we went to Bev's Ice Cream. It was a good day.

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