Who wants a corn dog?

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I am going to camp soon! I'm really excited! I'm going to Shrine Mont, to two camps! The first is St. George's, which is a jack-of-all-trades sleepaway camp with games, pool parties, dances, Taco Tuesday, fried chicken, and..... butt buns.(They're not actually gross, they're just two rolls that rose and got baked together.

Then you tear them apart and spread butter on it. Yum.
Next I'm going to Family Camp, which is exactly what it sounds like, St George's with parents. It will be the 65th anniversary, so, since this is a religious place, Bishop Goff is coming.  There would be an ice cream social(that I can't go to because of the overlap between the two camps) a pool party, hiking, a talent show, bingo, and food. It's going to be awesome.

In the past two weeks I have had 50 cent corn dogs, gone to the Funhouse Fest, and packed for camp. At the Funhouse Fest I waited in line for an hour( I timed it) for a tiny bit of brisket and a tiny cup of mac and cheese, and I shared that.

Anyway, nice to see you(or write you? I don't know) and see ya soon.


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