The best things in life are free

Rock here.

Today I had the joy of going with my oldest to have lunch on top of the world, well, on top of Richmond, anyway. 

She was so appreciative, and so thankful. She knew enough to know what most things were, and young enough to still have that sense of awe and to be unabashed about it. It took nothing but effort and time. I could have stayed in my office and eaten the same leftovers, but we got ourselves off of our rear ends, and walked all of two blocks and even detoured to walk across Capitol Square. We pushed an elevator button (OD for Observation Deck) and found ourselves on the 18th floor of City Hall loving the view.

I think of where we were four months ago, and where we are today. I pinch myself to be awake and aware, and to not let this ride, no matter how short, pass me by. Life is too short, and if we don't keep our eyes open we are fools. 


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